About Our Company

Unlimited Opportunities Promotional & Marketing Solutions(UOP&MS) is a one-stop resolution resource for consumers, small business owners, and nonprofit organizations, allowing them to build brand awareness as effectively and efficiently as corporate America. We are a full-service supplier of Premiums, Promotional Items, Recognition/Incentive Awards, Business Gifts, and Fine Quality Business Accessories. We create measurable marketing campaigns by providing predictable professionalism, a hassle-free experience along reasonably priced useful products all while ensuring our clients receives the individual attention, they deserve to drive repeat exposure for their brand. 

We understand the challenges of growing and creating a top-of-mind brand. We have made a ton of mistakes using items simply because the price point was within budget. That is not always the best solution for creating memorable experiences associated with our services.  If the consumer (whether it is a business, a buyer, a voter, or a donor) does not pay a premium, select or spread the word, then no brand value exists for the consumer.  UOP&MS wants to make sure the clients we work with an understanding that a brand's value is merely the sum of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories, and/or relationships of the brand over the alternatives.  Our sound infrastructure, quality merchandise, and competitively priced merchandise place us in the driver's seat.

We can assist your marketing team in executions of these quality programs:

  • Business Gifts
  • Company Outings 
  • Corporate Recognition Programs
  • Employee Recognition
  • E-Commerce Service (online store and Fulfillment Service)
  • Packaging
  • Product Introductions
  • Premiums & Incentives Sales
  • Safety Programs
  • Service Awards
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Thank you programs and much more!

Our company's mission of "building and being a valued resource for all brands" has resulted in a stellar list of corporate and small business clients who have come to depend on Unlimited Opportunities Promotional & Marketing Solutions for their premium and promotional merchandise needs. We truly live up to our slogan "if you need it, we got it" and we are excited to provide Unlimited Opportunities to make your brand Greater.